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Welcome to Bogart

Bogart Company

Bogart company for over 10 years works as a contract services provider in electronics. Company roots date back to 1980, when in Warsaw began the production of measuring devices.
In 2000 the company's entire production was moved to Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone.
In 2009, Bogart received funding under the program "Innovative Economy 2007-2013".


Purchase of modern SMT lines and CNC machines was a response to the needs of our customers. We have been contracted the production of professional measurement devices appliances, used for example by the inspection services.


The Quality Company

The Quality Company

All the processes of design, manufacturing and customer service run
according to the quality management system conforming to ISO 9001: 2008.
The current technological capabilities of our company allow us to produce the highest quality products. The following certificates confirm that: bogart-certificate


Professional SMT assembly and precision mechanics services.

Surface-mount technology

Our services:

  • Engineering advice to the SMT and THT technologies.
  • Design and supply of printed circuit boards PCBs.
  • Double-sided assembly of SMT, THR and THT components.
  • Professional reflow soldering in convection oven or Vapor-Phase oven.
  • Supply of electronic components
  • X-Ray scanning services

At the request of customers:

  • We can test the device or perform sample before mass production.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of the documents entrusted, we are ready to
    sign confidentiality agreement.
  • We offer attractive ways of financial accounting and extended deadline
    payments for regular customers.


assembly lines

Advantages of our assembly lines:

  • The total elimination of the template shorten production preparation.
  • Automated optical inspection of printed solder.
  • The real capacity 32 thousand components per hour.
  • The size of the components assembled from 01005 to QFN, BGA, PLCC
  • „on the fly” optical inspection system, RCD verification system
  • Soldering in oxygen-free atmosphere, uniform temperature distribution
    over the entire surface of the PCB solder minimizes the void.
  • Heller oven, fully adapted to work in an atmosphere of nitrogen.
  • Climatic chamber, X-ray machine.


CNC precision mechanics


We offer production services in the field of mechanics, precision mechanics and mechatronics:

  • Routing
  • Turning
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Boring and grinding

Using a small hydraulic presses, we can do:

  • Clinching
  • Trimming
  • Cold forming


Engineering office, new products designs

Engineering office

We have a design office, which deals with the preparation of documentation and
development of new products. We have 10 years of experience in
design of electronic and electromechanical devices working in
harsh environmental conditions, measurement devices, automotive,
aviation and other professional applications performance.

The office is equipped with 3D and CAD/CAM software, we can do;

  • 3D spatial design
  • Virtual machining simulatio
  • Technology analysis



Sales Management:

tel:  +48 89 616 15 77
fax: +48 89 615 17 18
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