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What makes us different than others?

bogarts line SMT

Most modern SMT line
Over 90% of tasks are made on automated SMD mounting line. Air conditioned magazines ensures minimalization of the enviroment influence.
Built in components verification using bar codes minimizes the risk of human mistake.


32K components/h
The mounting line is built on MyData appliances from Sweden. We use the latest models with innovatice suction and feeders systems. The machine uses laser and camera positioning and are able to mount components from  01005 to QFN, BGA, PLCC. The real performance of machine is 32 thousand SMD elements for hour.

Solder forming without templates
We are able to form solder coverage shape and height. Thanks to our solder printer you can forget about expensive and time-consuming template production. You don't need solder templates so this reduces production preparation time and gives You ability to change PCB project every time you want without need to produce another template.

Soldering without voids
Soldering in Vapor-Phase Reflow Soldering System from Asscon gives your guarantee of voids-free solder.
For reflow soldering we use conventional oven from Heller Industries. The oven is fully compatible with lead-free technology and ready to work in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Increasing reliability with X-RAY control
SMT and THT lines in Bogart Dobre Miasto are equiped in latest model of X-RAY DAGE XD750NT scanner. We can easly increase production reliability by veryfing the production parameters with x-ray machine. It is most important when manufacturing metering devices and complicated electronic devices. The X-RAY DAGE XD750NT scanner, can help us detect shortings, loose balls ( especially under BGA or QFN chips, LEDs, coated fiscal memory modules ). It also helps to recognize failure in electronic parts before or after it's soldered, and it gives us ability to check PCB's circuits.

Here are some of our equipment

MyData My500 JetPrinting

Solder printer MY500 JetPrinting Technology

Eliminating templates from production line reduces preparation time and gives avaibility to change PCB's design without additional costs.

  • Additionally the printer automaticly checks itself - the machine controls the printed solder and repairs the failures if any exists
  • Supported board sizes: 50mm to 508mm
  • Maximum capacity: 5 kg
  • PCB thickness: 0,4 to 7mm
  • Minimum size of printed dot: 0,3mm

MyData My100DX14

MY 100DX14 pick & place machine
Automatic assembly machine operating in pick & place technology. Designed for placing electronic components in SMD technology. The machine has a built-in optical inspection system of the "on the fly" placing process.
Additionally the machine has built-in RCD inspection – it verifies resistance, capacitance etc.

  • Maximum size of board: 508x575mm
  • The real performance of 32 000 cph according with IPC
  • The size of the components assembled from 01005 to QFN, BGA, PLCC
  • The possibility of charging the components of the spools, sticks, trays (magazine for 32 trays)


Soldering oven Heller 1809MK3N2
The latest generation of tunnel oven with forced convection system for reflow soldering.Fully adapted to work in an atmosphere of nitrogen.
Our oven is equipped with a central support plates, and the GEN5 system to measure the oxygen content in its interior. Oven holds. 

  • 9 upper and lower heating zones with independent modules for the sustainable control and regulation. The total length of heating zones is 2,670 mm.
  • 2 lower and upper cooling zones with a total length of 750 mm, fully compatible with lead-free technology
  • Operating temperature 350°C in all zones (full compatibility with lead-free technology)
  • Temperature range from 25°C to 450°C
  • Deviation of the temperature settings in each zone shall not exceed ±1°C during operation of the oven. This high stability of the specific parameters is required for lead-free technology, in order to obtain a precise and constant temperature-time profile of reflow soldering process.
  • Maximum travel speed of 188 cm/min.
  • Possible to work in the cover of nitrogen.
  • The minimum size of PCB 50x85mm (insert in panels can be arbitrarily small)
  • Maximum PCB size 500x450mm

Asscon VP1000

Vapor-Phase soldering oven VP 1000-44
Reflow soldering oven. soldering in condensed vapor of liquid Galden. Designed for soldering electronic structural components (SMD) on printed circuit boards. Soldering takes place in an oxygen-free atmosphere. The oven is ideal if you need to solder very difficult, densely packed parts. Uniform temperature distribution on the entire surface minimizes PCB solder void.

  • The maximum size of PCB board 400 x 400mm.

Rentgen Bogart Dobre Miasto

Equipped the SMT and THT line in X-Ray machine give us ability to recognize faulty modules and parts yet at the level of production, eliminate errors and improve the production parameters.

  • The device allows to preciselly check solder,
  • helps detect shorts, loose ball
  • allows to control BGA chips, QFN chips, LEDs, coated fiscal memory modules
  • allows to assess the efficiency of the system both before and after soldering,
  • allows to check the quality of circuits on the PCB


APCom AP-800
Versatile platform for use as an independent production. The device is designed for precise metering of materials.

  • Two-component eg. resins. Unit uses material from the tanks to pump them in a certain size and mix them with a static or dynamic mixer. Impose them on the area defined by the customer in the required amount.
  • Dispensing glue, paste, seals, oil, etc.
  • Applying flip-off mask
  • Selective coating for electronic circuits
  • Flow rate accuracy ± 1%
  • Dosing continuous or programmed dose
  • Precise metering of material - min. dose of 0.5 ml
  • Material viscosity range from 20 to 50 000 mPas
  • Programmable range of mixing ratio of 100:100 to 100:5, arbitrarily set by the operator