Toto Drake vs Drake II: Which One To Choose? Toto Drake II 2-Piece Toilet. Among their various toilet models, the Ultramax toilet series is one of the most popular. Bad flushing systems cause toilets to clog and they need more than one flush to clear all the contents in the bowl. But in this Toto Drake II toilet review we will focus on the most popular version, which is the TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss,1.28 GPF. But, Toto Drake Eco has Sanagloss finishing which makes it easy to clean the toilet. The Drake II is that little bit taller than the Drake, so the extra seat height makes it more suitable for tall people, the elderly or disabled people. In addition, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. This time around, TOTO upgraded to Tornado Flush technology In the end we came back to the Toto Drake, 1.6 with G-Max and Sanigloss. Requires a special rough-in mount – not an easy job. Why? These are famous toilets from Toto, and they perform very well. The 2 piece Toto Eco Drake II 1.28gpf toilet - Duration: 7:42. It is the updated version of the Toto Drake with more features and is affordable in comparison to other toilets available in the market. Just like any other good thing, they also have their own disadvantages. These are not coarse and will not mess with the toilet texture or composition. buy from amazon. This is not true as toilets differ in size, noise level, design, water usage, comfort, and performance. Physically, the Drake II is slimmer and slightly taller with a uniform height of 30 inches. Best value: TOTO CST744E#01 Eco Drake Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet, Cotton White If you are looking to save money, you’ll find much to love in our best Toto toilet for the money. Compared to installing a heavy one-piece toilet, two-piece toilets are lighter to lift and easier to fit the toilet in place. Plumbing Explained 5,585 views. Additionally, the Toto Drake II toilets that we’ve included on this list are two-piece toilets with Cefiontect glaze, a universal height, and uses only 1 GPF or 1.28 GPF. This means the installation process will be the same. The Drake has more curvy features, where as the Drake II appears more square in design. I just installed a new Eco Drake with Sanagloss 2 weekends ago. 6. However, people find it hard to choose between … That’s why it is WaterSense certified. Toto Drake II is therefore certified by both WaterSense and CalGreen and can hence be sold in all over the United States. Water Usage – one of the most important factors to look at when choosing a toilet is its water consumption. Overall, the Drake wins on power but the Drake II wins on efficiency. Therefore, the toilet is kept cleaner for longer. The TOTO Drake II toilet is one of the best no-nonsense toilets today. It is full of attractive derivatives and additional facilities. Find TOTO Drake II toilets at Lowe's today. ... TOTO Eco Drake Two Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with E-Max Flush System - Less Seat. Toto creates advanced toilets that last for years, and that’s one of the reasons why many homeowners prefer Toto over other brands. Even though these toilets have some similarities and differences, overall, the Toto Drake II is considered to be a better toilet than the Drake toilet. Actually, the Toto Drake II is WaterSense certified as it only uses 1.28 GPF. For me, the Drake tank looks better, however if you have a small bathroom and need to conserve free space, then the Drake II may be a better option. Premium pick: Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet, Elongated One-Piece Toilet 8.25/10 3. Both the Toto Ultramax and Ultramax II feature a one-piece toilet design. They have manufactured a good amount fixtures over the years. Users have full control of all bidet seat functions with a convenient side arm panel. So you have heard some good things about the TOTO Drake toilet and are wondering if it is a worthy replacement for your current model. Now a day, this represents the Drake series. While the Toto Drake uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, the Toto Drake II uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. Model: CST744E. Summary List. Toto offers some of the most exceptional toilet models on the market. If you have a clogged toilet, you can use a plunger or wire to push the clogs and free your trap way. 2. As a result, it will accommodate different people, and even the disabled won’t have a … When it comes to the Drake and the Drake II, either one is a good choice. The water swirls around the bowl also helps to remove the skid marks. Make sure to measure your toilet rough-in to make sure it is a 12 inch, before you buy. Toilets vary in design, size, flushing systems, noise level, water usage, performance, and comfort. SEE MORE PHOTOS; CEFIONTECT Glaze Colors: Selected Color / Finish: Available Options: Trip Lever Position. Compare this to the Drake II’s Dual Cyclone Flush, and you have a less powerful flush but certainly more efficient. Both models are almost the same and have excellent performance. Toto Drake vs Drake II: Which one should buy? They come with a powerful flushing system that can clear build-up waste in a single flush, are very comfortable and will help you conserve water. It also has a higher flushing mechanism and has two outlets that make the water to spin faster after flushing.